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US Global Business is an active certified broker of the International Brokers Association who work together to fill the needs and provide services to the respective customers.

US Global Business  was created to help manufacturers establish an immediate and dedicated international division. Many manufacturers do not have the time, the resources, or the knowledge required to develop and expand their international revenues. Operating expenses, like systems, communications, utilities, personnel, etc. , can diminish their bottom line profits. As the client's partner, US Global Business, can manage there daily complexities of your business and help reduce the operating costs, allowing them to maximise their investment dollars towards marketing and building their brand name overseas. 

US Global Business is familiar with global product markets and knows how to create channels of distribution through importers, distributors and wholesalers on an international level.
The company enjoys an excellent reputation for outstanding service. It is the company's policy to fully understand customer's needs and apply the company's experience and knowledge to meet them in an honest, competitive and professional manner.

So whether the client wants to sell their products overseas, bring in their manufacturing supplies at a lesser rate, or just source their international sales department, US Global Business can help them and their business reach their goal.

US Global Business
Mojee Babaie
Needham, Mass. USA
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